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Psychic Medium Paul The Seer has over 20 years experience in giving in-depth Psychic readings covering all areas of daily life you can read my complete bio here ... One of the most popular areas we cover is love & relationships and Paul can give instant Psychic insight into matters of the heart.

Other areas include work and career, your life path and your overall destiny. Paul is available for instant Live Psychic Readings or Face to face psychic readings in Cambridge. We also have an excellent team of Psychics waiting to talk to you.

 I am available most days for telephone readings on the Credit Card line 0843 353 5303 and also for face to face readings in Cambridge but please remember I am not available on the premium rate line, but you can have psychic readings with my team on either line.You can view their profiles above and see who is online in the live panel to the right.

I have hand picked each one of them, we have possibly one of the best teams of Psychics on the internet today.

You can view my availabilitiy and prebook readings with me here

Credit Card Prices 20 Minutes: £27.99 30 Minutes : £35.00 40 Minutes : £45.55 60 Minutes : £55.00

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    A short guide to readings types - Tarot

    The Tarot Cards are used for divination, the cards can help you decide what is the best path or direction for you to take. Readers use a variety of different cards but the overal meaning are the same. Some readers combine the Tarot with other abilities such as Clairvoyance, this combination can be very powerful

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    Psychic Readings

    A good Psychic reading will entail the reader "tapping into" certain issues in yout life. Psychics receive detailed images of situations that are yet to happen or images of past occurances. Again Psychics can use a variety of different tools to helps them including, Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, Runes and Pendulms.

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    Clairvoyance means "clear sight" and the Clairvoyant is capable of inner vision on many different planes. Often a Clairvoyant also possess other abilities such as clairaudience (clear hearing) clairsentience (clear feeling) Most Clairvoyants do not need any tools to help them but some do use the Tarot to enhance the experience.

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    Spirit Communication

    Mediumship is the abilitiy to communicated with the Spirit World. This will involve communication with your loved ones who have passed over. Often Mediums also communicate with your Spirit Guides and can give you information about the past present and future. Most Mediums will have at least one of the "cliars" either seeing, hearing or feeling Spirit. Mediums also help with other situations such as hauntings and earth bound spirits.