Hauntings & Space Clearance


I have perfected a method of removal of energies from both properties and people. As a trained Adept I work Shamanically and with powerful Spirit contacts. Please read my articles on Spirit release, Hauntings and Attachments.


With this service I work remotely and guarantee results (I keep going until it is clear) if you are local to me in Cambridge I may decide a visit is a better option but I can work equally as effective remotely. Included in the price

  • Divination (reading) to determine where the problem is and how to fix it
  • Complete remote workings to effect the right changes and results
  • Protective talisman/Mojo bag for the property or person
  • Spiritual cleansing baths, oils and washes as needed.
  • Detailed instructions on how to prevent any further issues problems in the future

The moment you order this service and I pick up your details the healing work begins