As a full time Clairvoyant I use inner vision to look at the past present and future. Clairvoyance is an art form that can be developed and honed with practice. Yes there are those of us who are born with the ability to See into other dimensions but this doesn’t mean that we are in any way superior or better than someone who has developed their Clairvoyance later in life.

As a working clairvoyant people often ask if I am constantly seeing things – I don’t and the reason for this is that when I am not working I am closed down. This is a process of closing the chakra’s (seven energy centres that are located within the Astral body) When I sit down to read for someone I open these centres again. When a natural Clairvoyant is wide open and is not trained in closing down correctly this can cause a lot of problems. The main one is mental exhaustion, the MIND is being used so much via clairvoyance that it just becomes exhausted. When I work with people in my workshops or teachings this is the first thing we teach, to close the chakras when not working.

Even when I use the Tarot Cards or Pendulum during a reading I am using Clairvoyance. Often a ten card Celtic Cross Tarot spread build a strong Clairvoyant vision for me that I am able to give to the client. As I said earlier this could be related to events of the past, present or future. So clairvoyance is really a very natural ability, I believe everyone has this ability at some level. The only difference is that psychics & mediums have developed it further. The natural seers are born with the ability, this simply means that in previous incarnations it was already developed and in this life its just picked up again.

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Clairvoyance Definition the term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”)
A Clairvoyant will gain information from people places or things using their inner vision.
 That is quite a broad description of clairvoyance, in fact there are quite a few different types of Clairvoyance Here I give you some of the various ways it is used.
Mediumship – A Medium will use Clairvoyance to communicate with the Spirit world. Alongside this they often receive other images and visions.
Psychometry – Holding an object the Clairvoyant is able to receive visions and sometimes thoughts of past events or links to the owner of the object.
Akashic Records – On the Astral plane this is often called the Library or Halls of learning. A vast area that holds information about past and future events. Covering everything from Spirituality to Science. The Clairvoyant uses Vision to access this area.
Probably the best clairvoyance definition or example I could give you is the platform medium in a Spiritualist Church or in a theatre (as is the case with some of the more famous Clairvoyants, who appear on TV as well

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