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Psychic Development with Paul The Seer

Psychic Development is for everyone, anyone can develop both their Psychic & Spiritual abilities, it is not just the “chosen few” who are gifted – everyone has it within them. My job is to help you unfold those abilities naturally and safely using simple yet powerful techniques that are proven to get lasting results. Psychic development can be experienced from the comfort of your own home via the internet

These techniques and methods were taught to me by a living Master of the Ancient Wisdom and are often kept  SECRET by the Inner Mystery Schools   I am now teaching and giving out over 20 years of personal Spiritual and Psychic experience, never before have some of the techniques been taught outside of these inner mystery schools. My courses offer a mixture of practical text based learning as well as interactive meditations, visualizations and inner path working. I also teach how to use the Tarot cards and other divination tools such as the pendulum.

Here’s a quick video on Psychic Protection and Cleansing

I offer both free and paid for psychic development articles and courses

With over 20 years experience  as a working Psychic Medium, teacher and writer I am confident that you will be amazed at the content of my teaching. I also offer one to one mentoring for those who want to advance a little quicker. Please do browse the many free blog posts and videos that you will find here. Everyone learns at their own pace and there is definitely many paths. Any teacher that tells you “this is the only way” my best advice would be to run a mile.

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