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Spirit Medium and Psychic Paul The Seer – here you can learn about how I was born into a family of Psychics & Mediums. Please watch the introduction video and hit the button below to read more

Psychic from birth I was seeing and talking to Spirit from an early age, coming from a long line of Mediums and Mystics it wasn’t considered strange or unnatural. So from a very early age I would converse and be taught directly by Spirits. These included ancestors and guides but also nature Spirits (Deva) & elemental’s. Through day dreaming and revery I experienced several past lives before the age of sixteen.

But it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I really started to take things a lot more seriously. Consequently I was invited to join the private circle of Ivor James the well known Psychic Artist, Author and Teacher, in addition to be close to a Master Mystic I learnt a great deal from Ivor and I later served as a Medium in Spiritualist Churches giving demonstrations up and down the country to often packed churches in addition to teaching small groups of students.

Although I enjoyed this very much I knew that there was more for me to do and learn and it was due to Ivor that my interest in Eastern Seership & the Ancient Wisdom grew. I was Initiated into a closed order and began learning the ways of the Gurus & Masters. As a result of this training & learning as much as I can about the inner realms.

But in all the teachings I have studied Seership/Clairvoyance is my  and I have developed many different techniques over the years including perfecting the art of  reading the Akashic Records, reading Tarot and Crystal Ball as well as the older ways like reading the tea leaves (great fun) Past life readings are also a favourite for me, tracing the souls journey back through time, feeling and understanding the Karma is a gift that I am truly grateful for.Today I have an International client base including many celebrities and stars, I enjoy most of all helping people overcome difficulties in life and finding true happiness

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