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tarot readingTarot Reading is used to look at various aspects of past present and future. It’s probably a lot easier for me to provide you with a Wikipedia link here to describe the history and what exactly Tarot represents. All tarot readers are different and we all use the cards and interpret the Tarot in a different way. For me a good Tarot reading will give you the heads up on certain situations that may be blocking your path or it may give you an idea of where you need to look out for in a more positive way. In my case the Tarot is merely a tool, a tool that is placed in the hands of the Spirit guides & Ancestors I work with. Coming from a Mediumship background whereby no divination tools were used I really didn’t see the point in the Tarot. But just over 12 years ago Spirit indicated it would be a good idea for me to start to use them in my readings. I bucked and kicked with an almost arrogance – did they not realise I was above using Cards (I cringe when I think of this now) that Mediumship was far superior etc. Interestingly over the years I have seen many Mediums demonstrate the same energy that they are somehow better than a “mere Tarot Reader”

Well I have to say that as usual with me Spirit were absolutely right. Not only does the Tarot enhance and deepen the reading but with me Spirit use it in a way to help build a Clairvoyant vision. I actually teach this now in my Tarot Workshops, that if you persveer with the Tarot (it does take time to get to know your tarot cards)  then eventually you will begin to look at a Tarot card spread and a clairvoyant vision will build for you also.

Getting back to the Tarot Reading itself, how is it best to approach a tarot reading from your perspective. As with all readings its a really good idea to prepare yourself before hand. Some people believe you should not say a word to a reader, not ask questions etc. I have never understood this. Divination is age old, it has been practised as an art form by mystics and seers for many hundreds of years. Nearly always a person would go to the reader with a problem. Sometimes it was to simply ask if they were going to be blessed with a good crop, sometimes it was about more personal things. But my point is, you direct the energy to an area of your life that you need answers to. This is where a good Tarot reader can be very accurate in their answers or predictions.

Those that I read for (and other tarot readers) often ask how I can get such accurate answers, come up with names, dates and predict future events. The reason first and foremost is that I am linking and talking to Spirit but secondly I use various tools like the Tarot and the pendulum to check and double check my findings. No Psychic can be one hundred percent accurate all the time, it just isn’t possible (if anyone tells you they can run a mile) But the key is to watch for the signs and symbols of what you can predict and see accurately. This for me has helped shape the art of reading for people. To know when to stick to my guns on something and to also know when to say “I’m not seeing this clearly” or “its a weak link.

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