As Seen on Sky TV & The Mystic Way

A divination or reading tool for Psychics & Mediums to use to help to tap into past events and future outcomes. The Tarot was originally based on playing cards with four suits and similar cards for kings and queens etc. At first sight the Tarot seems like a difficult thing to learn with 72 card meanings.

But if you think along the lines of cards one to ten, ones are for things starting and tens are for things finishing (obviously with other meanings in between) you then simply apply the ten meanings to each suit. The most common spread for Tarot is the Celtic Cross but there are many different spreads, for example relationship spreads, past life and employment spreads. 

For anyone wishing to learn Tarot an ideal set of cards would be the Quick & Easy Tarot Deck, these cards have the actually meanings printed on the cards, making it very easy to learn as you read for you friends or relatives. For more information on tarot courses and tutorials click here