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Can psychics predict the future

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Well the short answer is no. But this isn’t entirely the whole truth. A good reader will be able to zoom in on what we call “outcomes” this is slightly different to the idea of “fate” because outcomes can and do change. This is because you have free WILL and your actions will cause these outcomes to change. Generally at least one strong outcome will come up in each reading, often many. Every so often I will have someone ask me “are you a fortune teller” and in the past it would annoy me. But today I realise that this is simply how some people view what psychics do, they do not realise that there is so much more to the whole subject of how psychics work.

Now if we wanted to go deeper into this question we would at some point come across the teaching of Karma. The true meaning of Karma has little to do with what we did in a previous life and it certainly isn’t about “payback” of any kind. So how does Karma come into the question of predicting the future? It plays a big part in those outcomes we mentioned earlier in that our karma determines what path we will go down in our present incarnation.

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There is a method (that I use) of tracing the karmic thread either backwards or forwards. When looking forward certain main events will present themselves to the reader. How the sitter arrives at those events is both changeable and flexible. So here you can see that perhaps a certain set of events or outcomes are almost fated for each of us but how we arrive at that destination is not set in stone.

An example would be someone who is deemed to be famous in this life, now they may be on a completely different path at present and there may be many different offshoot paths along the way but if the outcome is strong then the Vision or prediction of the reader will be that there is a strong outcome of fame. If that Vision is strong and accessible Clairvoyantly it will be easy for the reader to go there and describe the landscape. I  will be posting more about this subject in the future.


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