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Most people that come to me for advice on the best way to approach safely progressing with psychic ability   have the notion that results or signs of progress will not be apparent for some time. While I would always tell people not to expect too much too soon I do think that if you are on the right path (for you) then things should start to happen fairly quickly. The first thing you should do is put out a deep and heart felt intention that you want to unfold these abilities. When I say “put out” I mean send a message to the Inner Planes that you are ready. There are Inner Contacts waiting to work with you, this applies to everyone, you can call them guides, helpers or anything you want really, but remember this as it is very important. You need to build these relationships with Inner Contacts as soon as possible.

I would also like to add that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t get a solid indication that they are hearing you and willing to help because once you send out the message it is a matter of Spiritual Law that it is done, heard and will be acted upon. Rest assured that this applies to everyone not just the “special” few. We have all had previous lives and in these lives we would have developed varying degrees of psychic ability. Now obviously these abilities are suppressed in this incarnation but only until we start to unfold.

There is a science behind this – one which we go into more deeply in courses and tutorials – but briefly part of this in depth teaching involves the wisdom that the 7 Chakras hold all the experiences we have had in these previous lives. When we start to unfold these energy centres begin to open permanently, this is the true meaning of Initiation, it’s really an inner process that happens all by itself.  The Esoteric Inner Order that I was initiated into and one that helped me so much taught the safe and exact process of opening these centres permanently. This is what I teach today but as I said above, it must start with a firm and honest call to those Inner Contacts who really are the true teachers, ones that will take you further than any earthly person. So how exactly do you send out this message? Well it is a lot easier than you probably think. Quite simply the best way to do it is in the form of a prayer. It would be a good idea to select a place that resonates with you, for some a church, for others maybe sitting by a stream, it can be anywhere that is quiet and peaceful. The prayer should be in your own words but would probably be something like this

“Inner guides that reside in the realm of spirit you who are on the highest of spiritual planes who work only in love and from the source of divine light I am ready to once again walk the path of spiritual Wisdom, guide me and  help me to unfold those abilities to help and heal, love and nurture, to use these abilities in my Spiritual practice”

These are my words you can use them if you wish or use your own. The main point is that you will have sent a very precise message to those who are waiting to work with you.


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