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Mentoring with Paul The Seer

Your chance to become a personal student with Paul The Seer

I will teach you everything I know about Spirituality, Mediumship & Psychic Development and how to live a calm and peaceful life. If you follow my guidance you will change your life powerfully & dramatically very quickly. Each student is different and unique and I tailor each mentoring sessions to suit the student. I use deep insight into your Souls path, never before has anyone ever received this type of personal service from me. Places are limited.

Spiritual Development

Having been tutored by a living Master I will pass on everything that has enabled my to live in peace and harmony, from powerful meditations to techniques in relaxation and so much more. You will learn to relax and view the world in a totally unique and powerful way

Psychic Development

You will learn to safely and powerfully unfold your psychic ability. I cover everything from past lives to divination and so much more. No other psychics are teaching to this level.

Personal Development

You will learn how and why you are programmed the way you are. I teach powerful techniques to rapidly deal with all inner conflicts including addictions, low self esteem, habits, anxiety and depression.

Mediumship Development

You will learn how to safely develop your Mediumship ability, I cover everything from building relationships with your guides and helpers to protection and working to a very high level. A lot of what I teach is not available in any public place or forum. Much of the advanced teaching was taught to me by a living Master in a closed Esoteric Order.

You get my personal email address and my text number when you join my mentoring programs, you can cancel at any time


Personal mentoring via phone & email


Per user/month

1 x 60 minute phone consultation per month

email support 9-5 weekdays


Personal mentoring via phone, email and text


Per user/month

2 x 60 minute phone consultation per month

email & text support 9-5 weekdays


Personal mentoring via phone, unlimited email and text


Per user/month

4 x 60 minute phone consultation per month

unlimited email & text support 9-5 Mon-Sat