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I have been having readings with Paul for approx 4 years, I think that speaks for itself  
D Michele    5th October 2018   Eseex   

I have been having readings with Paul for approx 4 years, I think that speaks for itself! They have always been comforting, reassuring and full of fine detail about events surrounding a situation I have been concerned about. Paul has supported through the situation over the years, giving me insight into events going on behind the scenes before they even happened, there have been many occasions when Paul has predicted something - I’ve doubted it and even told him as much (self preservation I guess) only for the prediction to materialise before my very eyes. This week something I have been wanting for almost 5 years and that Paul predicted has finally come to fruition, I never thought I’d see the day - I’m so grateful Paul has been there to guide me along the way and can now trust the other exciting things he predicted will happen in good time. A final point - Paul has always been very accommodating when wanting last minute appointments, I’ve called in a panic a few times and he has done his best to reassure me, Paul cares about his customers and putting them on the right path I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

Wow proof was undeniable  
Susan Smith    13th February 2018   Market Rasen   

I wasn't sure how successful mediumship would be via email but once a link was made the results were undeniable. Paul was able to give me very accurate information and even my brother's name, which has never happened before!!I have never spoken to Paul or met him. Having contact with my mum was emotional and uplifting. There is no doubt for me that Paul can link to Spirit and I look forward to a telephone reading in the future. I know they hear me, but I enjoy hearing them too.

Paul is genuinely a brilliant psychic.  
B kaur    18th January 2018   Cambridge   

Paul is genuinely a brilliant psychic. I have had a few readings with him by phone and in person. He has accurately predicted my future career. He is a professional and lovely to speak to. I am truly very grateful to him for his guidance. I recommended Paul to my sister who lives abroad. She had a phone reading with him and was very impressed with him as he had correctly predicted her career path which she is now pursuing

Helped put many aspects of my life into perspective  
Nikki R    24th June 2017  

I have had several face to face readings with Paul and I can honestly say he has helped me put so many aspects of my life into perspective! He has taught me various techniques to help me through in life and most importantly takes the time to listen to you and understand me! I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting a face to face reading and I am looking forward to my next reading :).

Spot on reading  
Val Lenton    16th June 2017   Huntingdon   

Spot on reading and would like to thank you for the kind words it was a very interesting reading.

Amazingly Accurate  
Debbie J    3rd May 2017  

Paul is AMAZING! His accuracy gives me goosebumps! If you need to make an important decision then he is the man to go to for advice as he can give an insight as to the outcome of whatever choice you decide to make. The best Tarot reader/clairvoyant I have ever seen in all my days.

Many thanks you were right  
Chaw Kalyar Min    23rd February 2017   Hounslow   

Once I received an email reading from Paul for the questions I asked whether I could get a better job and could buy a home in the UK. I did get a job that I wanted and I also believe I may be able to buy an apartment somewhere in the UK later. I will contact to Paul again for further help. Many thanks to him.

Absolutely fantastic  
David    7th February 2017   Cambridge   

Absolutely fantastic. He listened, didn't rush, nothing was too much trouble, gave me time to compose myself. I'm over the moon that my darling wife is safe and well. I can now carry that for the rest of my life, until we meet again. Thank you very much Paul. Fantastic.

He never ceases to amaze me  
Calire Thompson    1st December 2016   Maidstone   

Paul has been reading for me for 3 years and in that time has told me numerous things that have proven to be true before I even knew anything about it. However many readings I've had he never ceases to amaze me with the things he tells me. His manner is so calming and reassuring and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to have a reading with him.

Thoroughly eye opening experience.  
Ben Harris    1st June 2016   Cambridge   

I went to a mediumship workshop of, Paul's and will definitely go again. He's extremely gifted and a wonderful teacher. Thoroughly eye opening experience.

Paul is truly a gifted individual  
Hazel G    27th May 2016   Cambridge   

Paul is truly a gifted individual who today was unfortunate to be bugged by my lively Harris family who have all passed over. I was staggered by his accurate names and personalities from my ancestors who I all still miss today including my precious maternal grandmother. His ability to pick up on finer details from the cards, his spirit guide and crystals made me almost speechless which is no mean feat for someone like me. I want to thank you Paul for giving me hope on something that is very precious to me and I hope to be in touch so with some news. I will definitely be back for a reading very soon. X.

Paul the seer is amazing  
Kathryn barlow    11th May 2016   St Albans   

Paul the seer is amazing, it's not until you go away that things become absoloutly clear! I've been read by him many times, he builds up as he goes along, I'm astonished what he told me today! He has a true gift without u even knowing how good he is! I feel like I'm talking to a friend of years wen I speak to him! Thank u Paul for all u do for people that struggle to find answers. PS he diagnosed my problems with health today! He was so right! Blown me away!

I cannot believe how accurate  
Sylvia Thompson    20th April 2016   Newmarket   

I contacted Paul for a general reading. I cannot believe how accurate my reading has proved to be. At the time I could not relate to everything he said but as time has gone by things have fallen into place. He has helped so much and I cannot recommend him enough. I am so glad I found Paul and look forward to my next reading with him.

He was great  
Teji Barnes    29th February 2016   Ruislip   

I had a 30 minute phone call with Paul. I found him very natural and made me feel at ease. I really liked the way he conducted the call. Paul asked me lots of questions and advised me on what he saw and felt. I found the call very emotional as a deceased relative of mine appeared with him while we were having the session - but he was great. I am planning to call him and have recommended him my sister and daughter.

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