Setting Lights 7day Spiritual Candles


Setting Lights is an old traditional method of candles spell work. Seven day candles are dressed with Magical oils and herbs appropriate to your aim or outcome. A petition (what you want to achieve) is placed with the candle. The candle sits on one of our dedicated altars and set and prayed over. After the candle has burned (between 5 and 7 days) we read the candle wax and give you a report on the burning.

  • Block Buster when you need to blast through any obstacles or barriers that may be blocking love & relationships, career and money or any life situation. This powerful 7 day candle spell will open the road and remove all that stands in your way.
  • Debt Buster when you have debts and want them gone
  • Bring Back Lover has your relationship broken down and they are not talking to you? This powerful candle spell will help your lover return to you.
  • Healing for any affliction where healing is needed
  • New Love Attraction are you searching for your soul mate? this candle will help you attract love and romance into your life
  • Money Attraction if you are struggling financially then this is the candle spell for you, helping you to attract money and wealth into your life and improve your cash flow.
  • Fiery Wall of Protection  the ultimate protection against all forms of malevolent energy and thought forms including curses, hexes, evil eye. If you feel you already have any of these please consider the uncrossing candle service first and our other bath and oil uncrossing products
  • Uncrossing ideal for all forms of malevolent energy and thought forms including curses, hexes, evil eye. Please also consider our other uncrossing products including bath cleansing and oils. Ideally follow this with fiery wall of protection to keep you clear and protected

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1, 3, 7, 13

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Bring back lover, Block Buster, Money Attraction, New Love Attraction, Fiery Wall of Protection, Debt Buster, Healing, Uncrossing