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Psychic development & Mediumship tuition with Paul The Seer

This is where you can book workshops (at the Cave Shop Royston) and direct one to one psychic, spiritual & mediumship sessions with Paul via the phone or in person (Willingham  or Royston)

Workshops 2022

Mediumship for Beginners - Saturday 9th April at the Royston Cave Shop

Beginners Mediumship Development Workshop Saturday 9th April 10.30 – 3.30pm

After the success of previous  Mediumship Development workshops i am running another workshop at The Cave Shop Royston. This workshop is for both beginners and those who already have knowledge or experience. On the day we will cover the following,

  • Introduction to Spirit Communication
  • How to open and close safely
  • The Chakras and how to work with them
  • In depth info on the Spiritual Planes and how to access them
  • Exploring Clairvoyance, clairaudience clairsentience
  • How to Meditate – Simple methods yet very powerful
  • Practical visualisation excersies (I guide you into the Astral realms)
  • Practical hands on experience of linking to spirit
  • How to communicate and build links with Loved Ones, Ancestors and Guides.
  • Using Symbols and Imagery
  • Psychometry & Divination tools explained & how to use them (practical work)
  • Psychic Protection Techniques as taught in the closed Esoteric Orders

There will limited places on this workshop so please do book early to avoid disappointment. The cost of the workshop is £65 please bring a packed lunch, water and refreshments will be provide

Learn directly from a working Medium Psychic & Mystic - One to One with Paul

Paul delivers thousands of readings every year – at the forefront of the industry many people worldwide consult him on a daily basis. Also a major part of these consultations are those who come for Spiritual direction in life. Now you can learn directly from Paul Spiritual/psychic development & tarot tution sessions start at £50 per hour  … book below

For beginners to advanced learn every aspect of psychic development including how to protect, safely develop Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and much more

Learn how to safely open up to Spirit, connect with loved ones and spirit guides, learn how to astral travel, develop clairvoyance and other abilities

Easily learn how to read and interpret the Tarot Cards, use them to guide you in your life and also deliver readings for others. Includes FREE downlod cheat sheets and guides for easy reference

Do you want more peace, serenity and control in your life. Learn powerful meditation technicues and also how to harness the power of your MIND to work for you.

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