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The Fool Card

The first card in the Major Arcana that we see is the Fool and the number that represents him is zero. From zero we have unlimited possibilities, it is therefore apparent right away that this card gives us hope for a new direction or new road opening up before us. A fresh start is mostly a positive thing for anyone, but generally with the fool card we will see other cards that point out what we need to be aware of, both positive and negative, more about combinations later.

Often when people see this card in a  tarot reading they say “oh is it saying that I’m a fool” but this is not the case. He represents new beginnings and things starting, this card is often telling us to have faith in the future and what lies ahead. In the reversed position this card can represent being mis guided, a warning not to take a certain path and non commitment. Also in the reversed position it can represent not seeing that which lies before you. There may be a clear path ahead but you are not seeing it for some reason.

Upright Keywords : Being spontaneous, new beginnings, faith, originality, direction, new journey

Reversed Keywords : lack of direction, stupidity, not seeing the road ahead, blocked to a direction, non commitment

My experience with this Card is that it normally appears alongside specific minor arcana cards in a lot of tarot readings. For instance if I am doing a work or career related reading it will appear alongside the Ace of Wands if a new job is on the horizon, the Fool card here is often saying that the new job represented by the Ace of Wands may well be in a different field or will be taking that person in a new direction.

The same can happen in love relationship tarot readings. It will often appear alongside the the two of Cups (relationship card) and again I would interpret this as saying that the new relationship will open up new roads for the person or take them to a different area. This is how card combinations can tell a story. This is where the real art of reading the cards comes into play, you start to see patterns appearing like those I have mentioned, if you do enough readings you will see these patterns repeating time and time again. Obviously we all read the Tarot cards slightly different but looking at and learning each cards basic message is fundamental in learning how to read the cards for either yourself or other.

The fool can appear at almost any position in a given spread and it is important to also take that position into consideration.

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