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Terms & Conditions General

All services offered by Paul The Seer are for entertainment purposes only, and we cannot promise or guarantee the accuracy of a reading or other service.

You must be 18 + years of age to use any of the services and either be the bill payer or have permission from the bill payer to make the call.

All calls to our premium rate live Reader services are Recorded and this is a regulation of Phone Pay Plus in the UK. Calls to our Credit Card booking or Customer Services/care Lines, are also Recorded for Security purposes.

Paul The Seer’s team are self employed or sub contracted readers and as such does not have control over the content of any readings and cannot accept responsibility as to accuracy of content, given, expressed or implied or as to the suitability of the content for any purpose.

Paul The Seer Psychic Services will therefore not be liable or accept liability, for any loss or damage of whatever nature which may result from content given in any reading or from any information supplied in this website.

Premium Rate Telephone Service:

Live 0905 calls are charged at £1 at all times. PhonePayPlus Regulated. Service Provider, Service provider Inveroak. Calls from mobiles may be higher. Psychic lines are open from 7am-2am daily. Callers must be 18 or over and all calls are recorded. For entertainment purposes only.


Credit Card Services:

To use our Credit Card services you must be either the Card holder or the Card holder must be present with you when the booking is being made.

Use of Data:

Paul The Seer Psychic Services is registered with the ICO (information commissioners Office) under the data protection act as a data controller unless you request to be excluded we will only use your personal information for the purposes of our own marketing (e.g. mailing of regular newsletters or promotional SMS text messages.

We will not pass on any personal data or recordings to any third parties unless required to do so by an appropriate regulatory authority e.g. Phone Pay Plus or REGTEL.

Barring Of Access:

We may at it’s discretion temporarily or even permanently bar a users access to any or all our services in any of the following circumstances: User has misused our services in anyway, Is abusive to company employees or readers, Is under age, Has committed an act of fraud against us or any of it’s associated companies.

Legal Jurisdiction:

These conditions shall be construed in accordance with English law and any legal action against the company must be taken place in an English court.